How Often Should a Stair Lift Be Serviced?

The stairlift is a life-transforming assistive equipment for those who are mobility impaired, enabling easy movement between floors in the house. Like any other machine, stair lifts require regular maintenance and repairs to guarantee their safe and dependable functioning. Not sticking to proper service can lead to future breakdowns, safety risks and could be expensive to fix.


In this blog we will explore how often a stair lift should be serviced, why it is recommended at that time period and what’s involved during a professional visit. By the end of it all you will clearly know why keeping up with maintenance ensures your stair lift lasts long and functions effectively.


Recommended Industry Service Intervals


According to most manufacturers of staircase lifts as well as professionals in this field, one should call a certified technician for servicing purposes at least once annually. These come as annual service programs for straight or curved indoor installations.


Some situations may warrant more frequent servicing, such as:


– Elevators in high-rise/commercial buildings/places of business.

– These include things like installations on the outside of buildings which are exposed to the weather elements. 

– These lifts were operated daily by a number of people.

– Older lifts or those that are nearly finished with their expected lifetime period.


In these cases, it is better to consult with the manufacturer or any skilled lift stair service provider to specify the right service frequency that is uniquely designed to the nature of the usage pattern and environmental conditions.


What Benefits Regular Servicing Provides


  1. Regular Safety Inspection and Checks


First and foremost, a professional repair visit guarantees that your stair lift complies with all safety guidelines and regulations. The technician will examine all critical components such as the travelling parts, safety brakes, seat turning, footrest, and call stations to find out any hazards or issues that may put the user at risk.


  1. Preventative Maintenance


It is an old saying that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Quite rightly, it also applies to stair lifts. Routine maintenance is that repairing small issues will avoid a possibility of serious damages (that cost a fortune). Completing even very simple maintenance tasks such as lubricating moving components, tightening hardware and cleaning parts can be a very effective method of extending the useful operational life of your lift.


  1. Firmware/Software Updates


The go-to equipment for installation of modern stair lifts is quite likely a computer system that regulates their workings. While implementing a service call, technicians will be able to install any latest firmware or software updates that are provided by the manufacturer. These changes API’s usually made include performance optimization, bug repairs and new functions that make the application more user friendly and secure.


  1. Parts Replacement


The components like battery, belt, braking system etc. are susceptible to wear and hence restorations may be periodical. A trained service technician will inspect and determine the parts of the machinery that are close to their end of service life and will perform the replacement proactively in order to hinder down time and ensure flawless operation.


  1. Experts Diagnosing and Repairing


If there are any problems or imperfections discovered while the service inspection is being carried out, a qualified technician will spot them and execute the repairwell without issue. This means small issues are prevented from escalating and minimises the risk of very expensive call-outs to address those problems in the future.

What to Expect During a Service Visit


Now, the question is, what does the stair lifts service technician who is a professional come to do during your scheduled maintenance appointment? undefined


  1. Visual Inspection

The technician will go through a detailed examination of the entire stair lift installation, looking for any obvious flaws, deformations or misalignments. It involves overviewing the condition of the rail, carriage, drive system, chair, and all other units.


  1. Operational Testing

The lift will then go through a series of test runs that will be used to evaluate its operation under different conditions. This would entail testing the lift for several cycles, including the obstruction sensors as well as the emergency stop function, and ensuring that the ride is very smooth.


  1. Electro-mechanical Checks

The specialist will systematically test electrical connectors, wires and circuit boards for any faults or wear out. In addition, they will also check the condition of mechanical parts, like gears, bearings, and brakes, and fix their problems or replace them if needed.


  1. Lubrication and Cleaning

Moving elements and pivot points will be adequately lubricated, reducing friction and wear. The lift will also be cleaned thoroughly to take out the accumulated dirt, dust or any other object that could obstruct its operation.


  1. Battery and Charging System

For the battery-powered stair lifts, the service technician will check the batteries as well as the charging system so that they are performing properly and providing the appropriate backup power in case of an emergency.

  1. Call Stations and Remote Control

All the call stations, remote control and any user interfaces available will be tested to make sure they are in synchronisation with the stair lift system and according to the specifications.


  1. Documentation and Reporting

In summary, the technician will be documenting the diagnostic, repairs done, and conclusion which will be a detailed report which is projected to be available on the due date. This report keeps the stamp of the lift’s condition and subsequent maintenance visits that may be necessary shall be informed by any problems marked in this report.


Ensuring that your stair lift goes through the comprehensive service program annually, or according to schedule for your specific situation, will give you confidence that your lift is safe, smooth, and with minimal chance of an unexpected breakdown.


The Service Providers Selection


Not all lift service providers are the same in the market. There’s no more important aspect of transportation services than your mobility solution, so it’s important that you choose a well-respected, long-standing company that is also manufacturer-approved.


Try to find a provider whose staff is technically trained and certified to do the job and who has bought education regarding the stair lift you’re most vital part of the process. With these workers being provided with genuine OEM approaches, the manufacturer’s latest service bulletins, software updates, and replacement parts will be made available to them.


Besides, make sure to ask about response times, service coverage areas, and whether the provider has an emergency repair team available for both unexpected occurrences or breakdowns.



Booking regular servicing with a professional reflects both your personal safety and independence, as well as giving you long-term peace of mind. 


– Increased safety and complying with regulations.

– Prolonged operations living with less number of breakdowns.

– Organic optimization and reliability.

– Timely catching and avoiding similar events.

– Renewable energy devices need to have the latest software/firmware updates

– Precise diagnosis and professional help or repairs if necessary.


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In conclusion, regular service and maintenance of a stair lift will not only bring you peace of mind but will also ensure reliability and improve your home mobility. Reach out to KSK Stairlifts now for top-notch stair lift installation, maintenance or removal services in the UK!

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