How to Take Care of Your Stairlift

If your family member or you suffer from mobility problems, a stairlift will be a real breakthrough. It is a feature that helps you bridge the floors in your household, retaining your independence and living quality. Stairlift is a motorised chair that climbs the track fixed to the stair treads, carrying you along to the desired floor without any effort. Having only a button to push, you can experience the ease of riding comfortably from one level to the other without having to put any strain on your body by climbing the steps. Numerous individuals and families are able to age in place because of stairlifts, and they do not have to undergo the massive disruption of moving into a one-story house.


Although efficient, yet, these appliances need regular care and upkeep to retain their functionality in the long term. Adherence to the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance is significant for the purpose of long-term safety and reliable performance. Maintaining your stairlift well can help you use it longer and even avoid extra repair costs in the future.

Here are some tips on properly caring for your stairlift:

Regular Cleaning

One of the key steps you ought to do is keep your stairlift tidy. Dirt, dust, pet hair, and other objects could gather on the track and chair after long durations. Take a soft cloth to wipe the chair and use a vacuum hose or brush to clean along the tracks every week. Avoid using any strong chemicals or abrasive materials as they may destroy the surface.

Check the Batteries

The majority of stairlifts are powered up by battery packs that get charged when the system is at a parking station and plugged to a charging point. Intermittently make sure that the batteries are retaining the charge. The instruction manual must indicate how often the batteries normally run out and recommend a replacement timetable. Do not change batteries only when they are fully dead.

Listen for Unusual Noises

During your daily use of the stairlift, keep an ear out for any grinding, squeaking or unusual mechanical sounds it makes during motion. These could be the indications that a part similar to a gear, bearing or brake pad is in need to be lubricated or replaced.

Inspect the Track

Carry out the visual inspection of the track of your stairlift every two to three weeks. Make sure there is no debris, rust, dents or vertically deformed spots along the track, which might cause the chair to get stuck or run against the track. Try using a flashlight if it is not possible to see in dark areas. Remove anything obstructing the stairlift way.

Check Safety Sensors

A majority of stairlifts have built-in safety sensors that auto-brake the chair at the event of an obstruction on the track. It is advisable to check the sensor every few days with waving of an object when the chair is moving to confirm that it does stop. The manual should include a section about sensor tests.

Avoid Overloading

Note the weight limit of your stairlift and don’t use them over and above it. Due to overloading, the motors and other machine parts can take too much pressure and break down easily. Taking into account the user’s weight plus that of their mobility equipment like a wheel chair, assess the total parameter.

Schedule Professional Service

Although you can do the steps at home without the assistance of a professional, your stairlift would gladly need to be serviced by a technician once in a while. Most manufacturers would likely have this service performed by a certified service technician at least once a year. They completely check all of the components, fix the adjustments and replace any broken pieces and assure that everything is running properly.

Keep It Dry

The electrical systems and mechanical parts are the most affected by things like moisture from the water. Clean the spills or leaks immediately, but use electrostatic mats, absorbent pads, and rags. Inspect whether the area of the track that meets the ground is dry and free of moisture evaporated or condensed buildup. 

Don’t Force It

In case your stairlift appears to be noisier than it usually does, or is stuck at any point, don’t resort to the forced movement. This, on other hand, may end up with tremendous destruction. Discontinue its use immediately and get it inspected without delay. Giving a stuck lift a jerk might cause a bending of the track or breaking of internal parts. 

Watch For Children and Pets

Stairlifts are made with multiple safety features, but it would still be advisable for you to exercise caution around small children and household pets. You must make sure they don’t play around or under the lift while it’s working. Make sure they know this is not a toy.

Keep It Lubricated

In line with the instructions from the manufacturer, some parts of your stair lift could be due for lubrication at certain intervals. This contributes to satisfactory, noise-free work for a longer time. For example, the tracks, gears, and pivot points are several simple parts that need to be lubricated. Use only the recommended lubricant type and apply it in a manner described for your particular model. It can be dangerous as too much or the wrong kind can lead to even more troubles.

Address Issues Promptly

If you happen to experience a problem with your stairs lift, make sure it is addressed immediately so you won’t have to deal with worsening and costly repairs in the future. Indicate any error codes displayed and have backup information like the model and serial number ready when consulting the manufacturer or dealer for inspection. Staying on top of the recommended service intervals can also significantly contribute towards the early detection of imminent problems.

Track Cleanliness is Critical

Although the hygiene of the unit as a whole is imperative, the cleanliness of the track is even more significant. The work efficiency of any debris on the track can be slowed or cut unevenly. Aside from vacuuming the track frequently, it is advisable to arrange for a professional scrub once in a year. It involves the track’s total removal and then a cleanup of every tiny opening before tracking to have a perfectly smooth track.

By adhering to the simple routine checks, insurance and maintenance schedules, you will build up that reliability that your stairlift will function efficiently for a long period of time without any hassles. 

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