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Pros and Cons of Buying a Refurbished Stairlift

The presence of a stairlift is a solution of utmost importance for people with limited mobility. Being able to go upstairs and downstairs by sitting on the chair is a source of independence and accessibility for these people. Though a brand-new stairlift may be expensive for many, there are alternatives that are affordable. Here arises the question of purchasing a refurbished stairlift which becomes a much better option. In this blog, we shall look at the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a refurbished stair lift to enable you to make an informed decision that is appropriate for your needs and budget. 


Pros of a Reconditioned Stairlift


  1. Cost Savings

One of the major advantages of considering a refurbished stairlift is that it provides a considerable saving over buying a brand new one. You can expect to save up to 60% on pre-owned stairlifts as compared to brand new, making them an affordable option for those with a small budget.


  1. Good Quality at Affordable Price

After an Inspection and with the Refurbishment.

Trustworthy organisations that deal with remanufactured stairlifts will abide by strict methods of testing and inspection to provide high-quality and safe products to their clients. They undergo a comprehensive refurbishment process, which includes extraordinary inspection as well as replacement of outworn parts. After this testing, the units meet industry standards.


  1. Warranty Protection

During the warranty time which is usually less than that of the new one, most used stairlifts cover the cost of parts and labour for an agreed period. This extra layer of protection allows you to be worry-free, confident that any conflicts that come about will be dealt with immediately.


  1. Faster Availability

Sometimes, refurbished stairlifts can be fitted faster than the new ones; they are instantly available, unlike the ones that, with the same quality, go through a manufacturing lead time. This mainly turns out to be helpful for people who need the stairlift urgently.


  1. Quick Installation

Refurbished stairlifts are often subject to a faster process of installation than new ones. Now that the attempts have been tried and tested, the process of installation can be practised and everything can be sped up, resulting in saving time and potential bad effects on your living space.


  1. Disappearance of Unreliable Models

In case you are particular about a brand, style or model of stairlift that is recalled or discontinued, you could get yourself a refurbished one. Disassembly facilities regularly deal with older models that either had stopped being made or were no longer in development.


  1. Reduced Environmental Impact

In addition, reusing a used stair lift which has been through the refurbishment processes, this environmental impact will also be influenced. This is, reuse of the existing materials will cut the number of the new components that are required and the energy that is used for creating them.


  1. Try-Before-You-Buy

Some companies that have a stairlift refurbishment program could even allow you to try or trial the unit. It is this type of personal interactive experience which enables you to examine the operational manner and appropriateness of the stairlift for your unique case.


  1. Potential for Negotiation

If you choose a refurbished stairlift, there may be a possibility of haggling on the price, especially if the unit is in stock for some time already or is slightly dented with blemishes on the outside, which are however not related to its functioning.


Cons of Buying a Refurbished Stairlift


  1. Limited Customization Options

Customers are likely to find recycled stairlifts in a predefined range of styles, colours, and personalization. You can find it hard to select a used stairlift that corresponds to the aesthetics you desire and entirely satisfy your staircase functional needs.


  1. Shorter Lifespan

Although remanufactured stairlifts have been properly screened and refurbished, they have experienced some levels of wear and tear as they were used for the first time. Therefore, the runtime of a preowned unit could be shorter than a developed new unit, especially if the refurbished unit has already served for several years.


  1. Resale Value

If the stairlift will serve you as a second hand unit, the value of a refurbished unit might be lower than that of a brand new, well-maintained one. It is thus essential to be aware of this aspect when you want to replace the stairlift or transfer its location.


  1. Limited Warranty Coverage

In most cases, the manufacturer’s warranty for these refurbished stairlifts might have shorter terms as compared to the coverage provided with a new product. This means as soon as warranty expires, you may have to pay the regular and actual price of any repairs or maintenance job.

  1. Unavailability of Certain Specific Models or Features

If you already know which stairlift model or which specific features you want then finding the right refurbished one might be difficult to do. The existing inventory of the recycled units is low, and you might have to make compromises on some areas.


  1. Incomplete Service History

Although reputable refurbishing companies normally offer information on the refurbishment process, you may not have access to the complete service history of the stairlift. Such transparency shortage can create difficulties to evaluate the state of the unit and its preventive maintenance needs.


  1. Possibility of Conflict Sharing

Second-hand stairlifts might be not suitable for the given home configurations or particular designs of the staircase, especially if they were initially created for a different plan. This might be additional costs for adjustment or individualization.


  1. Aesthetic Considerations

Refurbished stair lifts may be some marks of wear and tear or an outdated look compared to brand new models. If aesthetics is the primary factor, a used unit may not be to your liking.


  1. Limited Manufacturer Support

The amount of manufacturer support or part availability you might have access to will be determined by the age and model of the refurbished stair lift you choose. It could influence your future choices in relation to maintenance or repair.


Making an Informed Decision


In the case of buying a refurbished stairlift, one should certainly make a detailed weighing of all the pros and cons. Assess your budget, usage, and long-term needs in order to decide if a renewed model better suits you.


If money is an issue, and you are willing to compromise on customization and durability, a used stairlift could be a great budget option. But you may need to invest in the brand-new one if your main concerns are life span, customization, and extended warranty coverage.


Regardless of your decision, it is imperative to buy your secondhand stairlift from a reliable company that conforms to the industry standards and provides reliable customer support.


About KSK Stairlifts


KSK Stairlifts is a well-respected brand in the sector, providing new as well as used models to satisfy the numerous preferences and mobility assistance needs of its customers. Having a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, KSK Stairlifts guarantees that all refurbished stairlifts undergo a stringent refurbishment process, including detailed checks, replacement of all worn out parts and a complete testing. Given KSK Stairlifts, you will get a safe and dependable product with experienced installation and after sales services.

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